Overwatch’s Sombra gets into Street Fighter 5 via a Mod


Sombra is the latest Overwatch character to be put Street Fighter 5 by way of a mod. YouTuber THEJAMK has made this possible,  Sombra features as a modded version of the base game’s Jiu-Jitsu specialist Laura.

Here she is in Action below.

This isn’t the first time that TheJamk has brought Overwatch to Street Fighter V. In June, he turned Cammy into Tracer, which again was probably obvious given the accent the two characters share. He released a 2.0 version of the mod a month later to fix some issues with the first one.

For those of you interested in modding the game, Capcom recently revealed that Ibuki would be added to the game this June, along with a new supplementary story mode.


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