Ultimate Booster is a Fantastically fun VR Experience

Ultimate booster

Take a ride on a huge 200 m (600 ft) swing with a breathtaking views of the city under your toes in Ultimate booster, with awesome graphics, a twisted ending and a powerful soundtrack from Totemlost!

Developed by Gexagon VR a small Russian development team with a track record for virtual theme park rides, Ultimate Booster is set within a sprawling metropolis.

This is very much an extreme ride. The pendulum arm swings fast and hard, pushing your seat high above the city below until the ride peaks high in the sky.  Then suddenly you’re falling towards the ground with your virtual legs and feet dangling below.

 Ultimate Booster

As the ride flys back into the sky like a rocket, the seat flips upside down as the pendulum arm begins to rotates the other way. It’s great a thrill and all from the comfort of your own home! The sense of motion and gravity is certainly felt in the stomach though!

The ride continues and after the third spin the pendulum arm begins to make horrible I’m about to break noises. The VR experience is not for everyone as Shown in GametechUK’s gameplay video below:

 Ultimate Booster is a fantastically fun VR experience, for anyone trying the Rift headset for the very first time. It’s full of little details that bring the ride to life. This is probably one of the craziest rides released on the Oculus Rift. Virtual reality roller coasters are nothing compared to this!
 Ultimate Booster
Gexagon VR also promises free updates, which will add minor and large features so you can try this experience again and again for more fun.

You can buy the game now for you Oculus rift here.

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