Oculus Rift Airborne 1944 VR WW2 Experience with GametechUK

Oculus Rift Airbourne 1944

Experience being a paratrooper on D-Day like never before in the critically acclaimed Oculus Rift Airborne 1944 Experience, now remastered for consumer VR.

It’s just before dawn on June 6th, 1944. One of the most significant battles in human history is about to take place. As part of the 101st Airborne, you are a soldier on one of 800 Allied planes leaving Britain under the cover of night.

Your destination: Nazi-occupied France — the coast of Normandy. Airborne VR 1944 is a compact (approx. 4 minutes) but epic experience that you will want to come back to again and again. And you’ll want to bring your friends over to try it just to see how they react.

Check out the video from GametechUK below to see what the experience is all about.

You can buy the game here from the Rift Store.


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